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EtherLAN is a fundraising LAN event that is hosted twice a year at The Bunker in Winkler. All proceeds raised go to supporting The Bunker Youth Ministries. EtherLAN is organized and funded strictly by donations and volunteers. Everyone who likes to game is welcome to join us.

This event was created not only to fundraise for The Bunker but also to reach out to the ever growing gaming community by providing a safe environment for good wholesome fun with Christian morals and conduct safe for kids and adults alike. We have a dual purpose with these LAN events; not only to support The Bunker and their amazing God inspired missions abroad but also providing our youth and adults an opportunity to come together for the gaming events and give them a chance to meet new people, share new experiences and have a great time. The event will have tournaments in several different genre’s of games including Settler’s of Catan and Warhammer to go with all the PC gaming. If you are interested in donating and sponsoring the event or participating be sure to check out or you can also call 204-331-4322 for more info.

This year’s fall event will take place October 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2017. For future events check out the links above.