Pembina Valley Bible Camp



Pembina Valley Bible Camp offers a wide range camp experiences, below is a list of the different camps. Visit the website to register.
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Classic Camps:
What is classic? Classic cars Classic shows. These words bring thoughts of what is original and lasting. Base Camp, Ridge Camp, and Summit Camp are Classic Resident Camps that exemplify the classic Bible camp experience. *Weather permitting we will be able to do all camp wide activities and skills.

Base Camp:
July 31-Aug 3 – Ages: 10-12
Welcome to the base of the mountain; a place where you can start your journey. Here you will have the opportunity to build your own foundation in Christ. Experience this classic camp through good ole’ camp activities, Bible study, food and friends.

Ridge Camp:
July 24-28 – Ages: 12-14
There is only one right path to follow on a ridge, and only one right path to God; Jesus. During this week you will explore that Truth through fellowship, Bible Exploration and EDGE. Also, a Ridge Camp exclusive: Throw down, a camp-wide competition. It will be a blast!

Summit Camp:
August 7-12 – Ages: 14-17
This week is the ‘peak’ of our Classic Camp experiences! Enjoy a variety of skills, great food, and Bible studies with your cabin. This week only: “ENCOUNTER” This is an event where each cabin will have an opportunity to share their talents and abilities in worship to our Lord Jesus.

Breakthrough Discipleship Camps:
July 10-15 and July 17-22 – Ages: 15-17
Ready to go deeper in your relationship with God? Discipleship camps run for two consecutive weeks with a weekend break. Each camp is unique and focuses on different aspects of leadership. Come and experience the adventure of following Jesus. *Weather permitting we will be able to do all camp wide activities and skills.

Breakthrough: Ministry
A program that focuses on the heart and art of servant leadership and team ministry. You’ll live in and contribute to community while learning leadership and ministry skills. The lessons you learn will prepare you for future leadership at camp and beyond.

Breakthrough: Worship
This discipleship camp is focused on growing worship leaders. You will have many opportunities to lead worship, but also to grow in your faith and be challenged. You will learn from leaders who are passionate about worship. Make new friends and memories that will last for a life time.

Breakthrough: Wrangling
During these two weeks you will experience how to use your love for horses to serve Jesus. Learn wrangling skills and gain confidence in sharing your faith. Experienced speakers will encourage you to grow in your relationship with God and how to share His love.
Specialty Camps:

*Weather permitting we will be able to do all camp wide activities and skills.

Survivor Camp
July 17-22, August 21-26 Ages: 13-17 (Guys only)
This is not a camp for the weak at heart. Live in the bush for a week, build your own shelters and cook your own meals over the fire. Dig into your Bible and Pray in the great outdoors. You will learn survival skills such as which plants are edible, how to start a fire with one match and more.

Wilderness Camp
August 14-19 Ages: 13-17
This camp is a mix between Survivor and our Classic Camps. You will be cooking over a fire, tenting in the valley and going on a canoe trip. Other evenings will be filled with EDGE, and participating in camp wide games.

Paintball Camp
July 17-22, August 14-19, August 21-26 Ages: 13-17 (Guys only)
A camp full of fun, strategy and excitement. Paintball 4 hours a day, eat great food and enjoy Bible studies with your cabin. Experience Jesus, meet new friends, and make memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Bike Camp
August 21-26 Ages: 13-17 (Guys only)
This is where mountain biking and BMX come together. You will experience dirt jumps, trails and the PVBC obstacle course. Whether on your bike or worshipping at the camp fire you will be challenged to overcome your fears and to grow in your faith.

Sports Camp – August 14-19 Ages: 13-17
This camp is jam packed with 4 hours of sports each day, Bible studies with your cabin, and evenings at EDGE. You will experience a variety of favorites including volleyball, street hockey and soccer.

July 17-22 (Girls Only)
If you love horses and desire to learn more about them, this would be the camp for you. Pathfinder is directed towards building your confidence on a horse, practicing new skills, as well as learning theory. There is a trail ride scheduled for the end of the week. *Horsemanship Experience Assessment required, available at the back of brochure.

August 14-19 (Girls Only)
This camp is for those who love trail riding. You will spend the week getting to know your assigned horse, learning about trail safety and what to bring on a trail ride. At the end of the week you will spend 2 days riding through the beautiful Pembina Valley on an overnight trail ride. *Horsemanship Experience Assessment required, available at the back of brochure.

Advanced Horse Camp
August 21-26 (Girls Only)
Spend up to 4 hours a day getting to know your assigned horse and improve your riding ability through different exercises in the arena and on the trail. Come and learn different leg aids, build confidence in different gaits, and improve your seat.*Horsemanship Experience Assessment required, available at the back of brochure.

Creative ArtsJuly 10-15, August 21-26 Ages: 13-17 (Girls only)
Walk with the creator and create new things with Him. Things like paintings, projects and friendships. You will have a great time worshipping at EDGE and playing camp wide games. Come discover the giftings the Creator has put within you.

Dance Camp
August 21-26 Ages: 13-17 (Girls only)
Experience worshipping the Lord through the art of dance. Spend 4 hours a day working on new routines and learning God honoring moves. Add Bible EX, games and friendship for a mind blowing week!