The Bunker

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The Bunker is a non-profit, youth ministry drop-in center. There’s no charge to check any of the random programs/events that take place year round OR just come and hangout.

Full-time staff members are Kevin Hildebrand, Executive Director, Elden Shore, Ministry Director and Alycia Hildebrand, Female Ministry Director.

Programs and Ministries
School Season runs from Sept-May, with programming as follows:
Monday at the B – 16+ from 7-11pm. Bringing gamers of all genres together!
Tuesdays at the B – Gr7-9 from 7-9pm. Jr Youth for everyone in the community!
Fridays Girls at the B – Gr9-Age25 from 5-7pm. Hang out and enjoy a meal together.
Friday at the B – Gr9-Age25 from 7:30-11pm. Our longest standing night / A place for teens in our community!
All updates on events can be found on our website.

For in-depth details about our programs and the ages they cater to, check out our website:
For up to date news and events, check out our Facebook page:

545 Industrial Drive
Winkler, MB